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Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hey loves! Its been too long since I've last post. I wanted to start my blogging again. I've been trying to focus more on my Youtube Channel and been busy moving so much in my home and work that I can honestly say I AM EXHAUSTED! I been trying to change a few things in my life; like becoming more positive, changing my lifestyle, the way I eat and mentally and physically bettering myself. I recent gotten my new iPhone 7 and before I comment of how this new phone have changed my ways and have made me take more pictures and being more active with my social medias account; I want to mention how my previous phone broke down on me, from horrible camera quality to slow internet 100% of the time. I felt because I wasn't happy I definetly stopped my social media and even stopped snapchat. But now that I'm back I been more active on all of my accounts but this one! So now that I have found a balance between work, home, and fitness, I need to get back to blogging. So why not show off my new cool gadget and let the world know what I am working with? So I hope to be seeing more people come and visit my page and I hope to entertain more readers soon !
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentines Look Easy Day or Night Makeup Tutorial

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Hi Loves! I know I have been away for a quite time now but I am back and here to stay! I wanted to share to you all about this company I came across. It is a subscription where you sign up and you can get up to 3 new products of jewlery goodies. I was reached out by one of the owners and was able to try out the boxes and I can say that I love them already! I really love the items I've received being one of them is a brand that I've already love wearing. The first item is by Perry Street, this is a new brand to me but I absolutely love the detailing to the necklace. It is very light to wear and I love how It pops out when I wear them with my OOTD. The second Item is by Gorjana, which I already love their products. And for me to be so known of this brand that the earrings can cost almost $30 dollars and for me to receive it in this box with 2 other items for only less than $20 a month is a done deal! Lastly the final item is by Slate. So far I am so in love with these products and I highly recommend you to try this company out. Its honestly is a money saver, because I do buy new jewelry each month and for me to join this subscription and spend less than what I normally spend is awesome. Make sure you check them out on their website and make sure you use my invitation code : Meliissalexoxo.

Catch ya in my next post <3