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Saturday, December 1, 2018

My 'On The Go' OOTD

When I Have a day off I tend to just throw on anything and leave the house with a bare face and run my errands. I love being comfy but I also hate when I look a mess. (& believe me, I ALWAYS look a mess! lol) But since the weather is getting nicer and living in the sunny state, we sure don't get a lot of chances to throw on a nice jacket and run outside. I will take any chance to do that. So getting to wear my oversized ripped jean jacket... I LOVE IT! I do wear this jacket sometimes when the weather is in the 70s for a night out too (to avoid bug bites) & for the price I gotten it for.. its so worth it! I bought it for only $20 and I know I've gotten my moneys worth! & getting to throw on some nice comfy shoes instead of heels is always a plus. Hope you all enjoy my 'On the Go' look! 

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Top: Target
Jacket: Burlington Coat Factory
Pants: Target
Shoes: Nike

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New York 2017

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hey loves! Its been too long since I've last post. I wanted to start my blogging again. I've been trying to focus more on my Youtube Channel and been busy moving so much in my home and work that I can honestly say I AM EXHAUSTED! I been trying to change a few things in my life; like becoming more positive, changing my lifestyle, the way I eat and mentally and physically bettering myself. I recent gotten my new iPhone 7 and before I comment of how this new phone have changed my ways and have made me take more pictures and being more active with my social medias account; I want to mention how my previous phone broke down on me, from horrible camera quality to slow internet 100% of the time. I felt because I wasn't happy I definetly stopped my social media and even stopped snapchat. But now that I'm back I been more active on all of my accounts but this one! So now that I have found a balance between work, home, and fitness, I need to get back to blogging. So why not show off my new cool gadget and let the world know what I am working with? So I hope to be seeing more people come and visit my page and I hope to entertain more readers soon !
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