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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How I Take Care Of My Lips Before Lipstick.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you all on how I take care of my lips before apply lipstick. I been suffering the whole winter dry lips since it started getting so cold and I was like "Oh no I am not having this!" I hate when I put on a matte lipstick and it just looks so clumpy and ugly. 

I bought these Lush Lip Scrub a while ago and never came around to using it but since the temperature has been dropping to below 60 where I live of course I wanted to give these babies a try. I have been using these daily for the past month and it just makes my lips look and feel so soft! When I use it at night I sometimes don't use a chap stick because it adds so much moisture into my lips. I've even notice it has less lines on my lips so apply lipstick on is more smoother and looks even. So when I use the lip scrubs, I make sure I wet my lips with water and the scoop some scrub onto my finger and rub it on my lips. I tend to scrub it on my lips for a minute only to be sure I removed the dead skin and the left over lipstick that still lays around in the lines of the lips. When I finish I normally wash away everything on my lips. On the bottle it says you can eat it but I am not down to eat the nasty nasty lol.

When I am finish with the scrub I always apply on some lip balm after. I have literally tried products like the EOS balm, Carmex, etc, but none has beat my favorite lip moisturizer product Chap Stick. I never lose them and always use up till it is empty. haha. I literally have one in my desk at work and one in each bag. So... you can say I have plenty to last a long while. :)

I been totally obsessed with Red cherry lips lately and each time I leave my house, My red lips are a total MUST! These are my current Favorite Lip color and brand. & How It looks on me in different lighting.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lace Up

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Valentines Gifts For Him♡

Valentines Gifts For Him♡

Hey Guys! You all know that Valentines Day is just around the corner and regardless if you have a Valentines or not it should be a day to mostly show whoever that is in your life some appreciation. It could be your closest friend, family, or if you have one, a boyfriend or husband. Today's post is a bit of ideas I been browsing around to gift to my special Valentines. I honestly have been obsessed with men's fashion lately and I have secretly been trying to make my BF my human size dress up Ken. But I think it'll be easier if I just borrow my adorable nephew from my sister for a bit. When you look at what men would love for in a gift, I think they are so simple minded they wouldn't mine getting a nice shirt, even though we selected a light turquoise, they see it as a lighter blue. But I did selected a few items I'm having in mind of getting for him and knowing that he would appreciate anything makes me happy. I love being able to get him a gift when I can because its my way of showing my special man my appreciation. Even though everyday we all should show the people we love that we love them and for that I love that fact that we have a lot of up coming holidays to celebrate family and friends mostly because we do try to spend most holidays with as much of them as we can. So I hope you all enjoy this gift guide post and stay tune for more guides. Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rusted Top

Hey Guys! Its still pretty chilly out in my area, but I honestly don't mind at all. I am still very in love with the sweater weather and its easier to just wear almost like throwing on a cute hoodie and be on your way. We were visiting my sister's new home and she has a very cute "secret garden" Theme in her backyard so I was like "oh yes! Blog Time!" I am just in love with the cute walk way and the bird bath. 
Thanks for reading!