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Friday, December 14, 2012

11 Days Until Christmas!

I know I'm pretty late on this whole Count Down but WTH? I'ma do it anyways! So I want to post up a count down help you, my readers out on what to get for that SPECIAL someone. [I am going to post up things straight from my own ideas, to let everyone know all of the ideas are totally made up and I did not try to copy anyone. I also do not own any of the pictures for these post]
And today being Day 11, it is 11 days of goodies!!!
When I say goodies, I mean GOODIES! Chocolate!! Who doesn't love chocolate?!
Here's an idea:
Get a Box, any box like this
put some cute tissue papers in the box, And buy candies like this:

And whatever else is their favorites. All you have to do is pack all the goodies into the box and get a bright nice red tissue paper and cover all the goodies and then box it up. Don't forget your bow, and present the gift to them. this is a great idea for a friend, coworker, boss, neighbor, etc..
hope you enjoy the idea ;)
Merry Christmas!

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