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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Welcome Back!

Hello fashion LoveLes! It's really have been a while.
I want to just pretty much talk about what has been going on with my life. I am in school, studying to become an RN nurse so I've been busy with school. I'm also a nail technician so I work almost everyday that I am off from school. And I've moved!! So I been trying to fix up my room help with the house and my sisters room. So I am a busy bee! But to sum up everything I'm just plain ol lazy :). But I am back and I do want to continue my blog post and begin my YouTube videos as I promised.

Anyways. I want to show how my room looks like. The first picture is a before and after. The corner window is my main appearance in the room so I needed to make sure the color of the room will bring it out. And I settled with a almost tiffany blue blue, this color is a shade darker on the blue side. I painted my crown cutting , windows, door and the bottom cutting all a matte white. Which is a flat white, meaning no shine in the color. I know, wtf she do that for right? I even argue with the man at the Home Depot about the shade of my white. He was saying how my room won't look right because people normally paint with a gloss for the mold cutting, doors and window, but I didn't care what he had to say I was going to settle with my flat white and I did. And I'm so happy that I did because the flat white brought the color of my room out even more! This white was brighter, whiter and didn't mess up the way my room looked. Because the blue color was a matte also I wanted the white o be matte also.

On to my closet. I took out the doors and toss em away. Who needs them?!! I thought that the doors made the room look smaller so bye bye doors. Even though I would of been more happy with a walk in closet, this would do. I kept thinking over when I finished the paint in my room that something was missing. My closet looked super plain. With me going bold and actually settling with this bold color blue for my walls I thought why not do black and white stripes in the closet?? Although I almost did zig zags, which probably have been a little bit cooler, I thought the stripes was as cute but less work. So the 2nd picture below was taken when I was half way done. You can see the yellow tape was how I taped up the walls. I didn't do just that all I did the whole thing even if no one can see the sides I wanted it done. The last picture is the finishing of my painting. Though some stripes were smaller but it looked perfect. My closet brought the edginess to my room. And I love it!

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