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Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY | Pumkin Carving Party!! =)

Tonight we went out and bought pumpkins so we can start our Halloween week out right. :)
I obviously had to search for the PERFECT pumpkin, because we all know that if the skin in too rough it makes it so hard to draw. but mine was perfect, not too rough, it was smooth and round with a long stem on the top.

Here goes my cute pumpkin!

I wanted to be different, almost did a heart for the top but I thought about how it would take more time to make the curves perfectly rounded and not cut out with straight lines.

I'm not an artist but, my rough sketch and on the pumpkin, wow had to redo over and over, thank goodness i was using a dry erase marker. i highly recommend using a dry erase marker because its better than using a permanent marker , if you mess up with a permanent the you just gotta cut it off.

i love my tinker bell, i have stars going along the wand, but not big enough to be captured onto my cell camera. 
but i hope you enjoy this brief DIY halloween pumpkin carving post,
Until next time my loves <3


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