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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

YourTea | Tiny Tea

I am so skeptical about the next diet pill or diet tea because it too good to be true, "drink this and get skinny!" Woot woot! But it doesn't always work! My sister came to me with this company of detox tea, and I am a big researcher because if I like it I want to be really sure on what I am getting myself into. So Thank Goodness for Instagram, I searched other than on Google, Instagram have real people showing their results and I seen a lot of great results. I searched the hashtags #yourtea & #tinytea. So I went and bought the 28day teatox. Today is my day one. I don't have much to say about it other than just off from my researches and I just wanted to share and show that I am doing this challenge. I am doing 14 days since I am splitting half with my sister. I see people get results within a week.
What is this stuff? I read that it is some Chinese herbs, and being an Asian woman growing up, I've learn that Chinese people have really strong stuff, and if this is their secret on how they stay so skinny then omg.
 Still so confusing to me how this is Chinese products but it is being sold in Australia. 


I paid $55 plus shipping&handling 
I did a faster mailing so I paid $14.95 
It would have cost $10 for regular shipping but would take almost 2-3weeks to get home.
So I just paid an extra $4.95 to get it 2-6 days. 

Cup one, drink 30mins before a meal, or 30mins after. 

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