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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hello November❤️

I'm glad we meet, yet again. I been waiting for fall to come all year. My favorite time of the year. Why?

Yeah that bout sums it up :)
I have so much I want to do. I will be doing more OOTD. *remember, I stay in a warmer climate so most of my outfits that I will be featuring won't be the best thing if you stay in a place like .... Oh idk Alaska? Or maybe Canada ?! Oh how I wish it was like that here. I been experiencing 70-80 degrees water when I am desiring for colder weather. Perhaps snow? :)
But yeah my outfits will be a little lighter and less heavy clothing because I am not experiencing cold weather here too much. So my favorite items to wear will be high knee or high thigh socks, scarves (yay!), and a light sweater. 
No need for ear mugs or gloves. We get a lot of sun shinning in so yes you can still get a nice tan now even in fall. 
But yeah I just wants to say Happy Fall/Autumn/November(my favorite month)
 && BTW I will be posting up my Black Friday experience or maybe my Black Friday shopping list.
Plus my Cyber Monday shopping cart. I will post up what and where I bought my things and make sure that I find great deals I will be sharing with you all my ❤️

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P.S. I am thinking about doing a Christmas giveaway onto my YouTube so be sure to subscribe and keep up I will post a video on it maybe two weeks into December :)

Enjoy Loves

And shall I say it again?

Welcome back November.

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