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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Simple Pop of Red

Sweater: H&M
Bottom: American Eagle
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Kate Spade

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Hi guys! Today was such a gloomy day out so of course that gave me the ugliest humid hair look. UGH! But thank goodness messy buns is a great way to switch up the look and still look fab. haha. Today, with the weather having a big effect on me I just wanted to throw on clothes and being sick and all I did not want to be Fancy. We went out to the farmers market so I thought lets throw on some comfy BF jeans and simple tops. I grabbed my cute Kate Spade bag to go because its so handy and also a side bag i can just toss on and not have to worry about adjusting it to the other arm and what ever. Our farmers market was actually an indoor, so of course these heels are AMAZINGLY comfy to be all over the place. I also adding in some gel heel liners so it just adds more comfort to my feet. Sometimes I just don't feel like getting super dressed up because the weather really do have a big effect on us all and sometimes you just have to adjust your feelings and dress for the day. 
Thank you all for reading and catch you all on the next blog post!


  1. Just love that red cardi, you look so lovely :) Also those shoes are amazing!

  2. lovely outfit

  3. lovely~

  4. I like your outfit very much! I immediately fell in love with your cardigan. It looks gorgeous on you! I wondered if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch. Let me know on my blog. That would be really awesome! :)