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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Light Flow

I have been kinda ehh about white pants but lately I've liked them more as we are getting closer to spring time. I love how I just looks good with anything. My Bag that I got from Michael Kors, is actually one of the first name brand bags I've ever bought. Yes my collection has grown since but It feels nice to look back and thought ' That was when I was a newbie.' haha. I been loving this crazy Florida's weather. One day its nice out where I can dress up and hit the road, & some days its rainy and just a nice feeling when it is rainy out and I can work on my blog and watch Netflix, snuggled up in bed. Now that I've started a new job I am off more days in a week than normal so I can plan my photo shoots and edit my blogs. I enjoy this so much. Thank you all for reading!


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  1. Nice pants and bag dear!
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