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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

6 Days Until Christmas!!

Closer and closer we get to Christmas and still no ideas for a gift? Just bake some cookies and decorate each cookie with special designs. If you don't know how to make cookies from scratch or too lazy to go through all of the steps, just go buy the ready dough at your local foods store. brest cookies to decorate are sugar cookies only because it bakes flat and even but if you wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies you can also decorate it too. If you was to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch you can replace the chocolate chips with the peppermint kisses candies because that way the cookie will bake and have that nice Christmas color in it therefore you wont have to decorate.
Packaging comes easy because you can buy a metal container from target in their $1 section usually located in the front of the store and I think the containers shouldn't cost more than $3. In the container you can use some plastic sheets they sell in target also, or even in the dollar tree, they have holiday theme sheets. All you so is place the sheet inside the container and place all the cookies inside it, use the hanging part if the sheet to cover the top of the cookies then close the container with the top. you can always top it off with a cute bow and a tag To & From.

Happy Holidays and Thank you for reading!

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