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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bath And Body Works: Favorites

I ordered some lotion and body gels from their online site and it was pretty good. This is my favorite smell of what I just ordered and I wanted to share with you all. This is call Black Raspberry Vanilla, and only reason why I am sharing this is because they discontinued this smell in the stores around me, which I don't know why. It smells exactly like raspberries, you can smell some vanilla in it. Is smells really good and I really love it. I got 3 for free.

This is called Secret WonderLand, it has a fruity but also a neutral smell. I cant use certain smells because I actually have a strong smelling sense and because of that my nose gets sensitive to strong perfume and lotion smells, so this really works well for me.

If you ever use to buy the Apple Enchanted from Victoria Secret, and loved it like I did you'd love this. Apple Enchanted was my all time favorite !! So when they discontinued Apple Enchanted I was seriously devastated. But this came out in Bath and Body works it smells EXACTLY like Apple Enchanted. It smells soooo good! Its for the Fall collection called Honey Autumn Apple.

Pink Chiffon is only my favorite in the lotion, I wouldn't buy their spray or body gel. I honestly cant explain this smell because its not fruity, it has those perfume smell to it.

I'd recommend you to buy these and try them out they are like amazing! If you ever consider of actually ordering off from Bath and Body Works online I'd recommend using this promo code: RMNHoliday12 this coupon will take off $10 off of $30, but which you would still get the buy 3 get 3 free. And if you feel you would save more off of a 20% off everything you can use this promo code : RMNHOLIDAY.

I hope you all enjoy =) bye loves
xo xo 

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