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Monday, December 17, 2012

8 Days Until Christmas!!

8 days left and you're still clueless? Another great thing to do is a home made gift. If you're not crafty then this isn't for you. But nowadays there are so much DIY projects out there. You can Google it up or simply just search it on YouTube. One of my favorite DIYs are the clothing ones, where you renovate your old clothings and make it into something new. From studding or even cutting up and making cut-outs It is a great idea.
But I don't want you to use your old clothes to give for Christmas! Oh no, I have another gift idea in mind. If you're a crafter you are very well known with Michaels crafting store, A.C. Moore, Joanns, and whatever else you know. But at Michaels and A.C. Moore, they sell wooden boxes and picture frames. The funniest project to do is buy whichever wooden item you want to get, acrylic paint, mod podge, and some paint brushes, if you want you can buy some rhinestones and some E-6000 glue for some fun decoration. this should all run out to be around $20 or less. You have to paint the wooden piece with at least 2 coat of your acrylic paint, let it dry, then paint on the mod podge for the nice shine to it. And if you want some jews on it then you can slowly glue on the stones piece by piece right after the mod podge dries, which might take an hour. When you're done with your item piece, I'd suggest, if it is a jewelry box, you can add some jewelry piece from forever 21 or H&M into it for the surprise. and if its a picture frame, I suggest a nice picture of you and the person. This is a great and inexpensive gift for the person you love. Plus all the thought and time you put into making it coming from the heart a lot better.

Enjoy loves =)
xo xo

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