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Sunday, December 16, 2012

9 Days Until Christmas!!

When you're out shopping you look at so many different things, colors, styles and its still hard to pick something for that special someone. To have something in mind everyone loves to be spoiled. The number one thing I would recommend are DIY gift baskets. Don't go out to the store to buy some gift baskets that someone already made, like I'm 100% sure that your special someone will not like at least 1 or 2 of the items in the gift basket. What I would suggest to do is do a gift box. I will tell you what you'll need to do.
What you'll need: A box, any kind of box, tissue papers, tape, wrapping paper (the cuter the better), and a bow, plus all the goodies you purchase.
what you'll need to do is go to the store buy small goodies, that are inexpensive, or whatever that fits your budget. Like for a guy you'll buy things like a nice tee-shirt, a hat, cologne, candy gift card, etc, whatever guys stuff are. And for girls, which is easier, you can buy makeup, lotion, perfume, socks, slippers, hair stuff, ect. You will need to wrap up each item with a tissue paper, and make sure you stuff it into the box and hide it under the tissue papers.
Next you will need to close the box up and wrap it up and wah la you're done.
reason why this would be the best gift idea is because when you buy a lot of little things and you put it into a box and when the person opens up the box they will feel like it is a lot of things. It feels better to give a lot of little things then one big thing that probably wont make them feel satisfied.

I hope you enjoy the idea!
God Bless Loves
&& Remember; Happy Shopping!
xo xo

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