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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Little Black Bag!

Have you heard about The Little Black Bag yet? If you haven't I'm going to tell you about it anyways! :) It is this monthly subscription where you spend either $50 or $25 towards an item of your choice and a free item from the site AND 2 unknown items for free for the $50 box, and I believe 1 free unknown item for the $25 box. The thing is that you wont know what is exactly is in the box until you pay for it. And the fun part is after you pay for the box either $50 or $25, you get to trade for something else if you don't like your free items. But the AMAZING part is that you're only paying like $50 for a total box worth up to almost $200!! It is truly amazing though. I did join into this monthly subscription. you can skip any month, its pretty much just like JustFab, ShoeMint and ect, where you can skip any month before that certain date so you wont get charged for it.

I got the $50 box, when I received my box in the mail, I did thought it was funny how it was a white box. I really did thought I was suppose to be getting the stuff in a black bag! The packaging of the box was beautiful though. I love how cute the bottom of the box was, with their logo all over the bottom.

This was the Bag I picked and pretty much paid for, full price for this bag would have been $99 but im paying $50. It is by Big Buddha, and I absolutely LOVE it. I feel so sophisticated wearing this bag. it has its professional look plus a chic and fancy look all in one. as I notice that the bag does have a face on it. This view of the bag looks like a face, do anyone else sees it or is it just me? Haha idk I guess I'm just weird

The View inside the Bag, I am not too fond of, because I do not like the colorful stars in it. I do love the silk material, but I wish it was more of a red, or a royal blue, to make to bag look more rich. But this is the bad down side of the bag, overall this bag earns a 10 on a scale of 1-10!
The Second item was the item I traded for. I received as a free item was the ugliest rain necklace with two fat flowers on it. and surprisingly I had over 10 offers for it. Like OMG  THANK GOODNESS someone did because I would not get this Beautiful case by Steve Madden ! This would have cost me $38 dollars plus tax in the store alone! This is another reason why I'm seriously loving LBB.

This is the 3rd item I traded the free item which was these ugly zebra thick hoop earrings. Which Thank goodness someone did want those earrings, because it was not my style at all. this was by Mocha which I've never heard of before, but I am digging the way they handmade this bracelet. I mean I can really make this on my own, but I will not complain because I gotten this for me and I do love it. And so does my sister because she is very into these kind of arm candies.

My last item was the free item I already got to see before I bought it, it was a mini bottle of the Redken Anti-Damage leave in hair conditioner. which works wonders! its great because I have damage hair at my tips and the smell of it is nice. I do enjoy using Redken because their products seems to actually works with my thin silk curly hair. Too bad it cost so much but I will try and but one bottle at a time from now on.

 And here is a Video I made on my YouTube Channel please enjoy the video and I hope you all gotten a better understanding of what The Little Black Bag is. Leave any comments below or on my youtube video and I will surely answer all questions.
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