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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dress Forever 21. Clutch Nordstrom. Glasses Sunglass Spot. Necklace Forever 21.Watch Kate Spade. Shoes Charlotte Russe.

We went to this cute ice cream spot down around my area and it was so good! I got this cute gold fish shaped waffle with a strawberry cheesecake filling. omg! but It was nice to dress in my comfy maxi dress and just relax with some comfort food. I really enjoy when me and my family are able to go out together and enjoy a few hour. & the spot had some cute K-Pop music videos playing on their tv. We love K-Pop, just as much as we love KDrama. lol. But Thank Goodness they didn't mind stopping to take some photos for my blog. Too bad the lighting wasn't super great I managed these photos. All the others was just bad lighting :( . But oh well. Catch you all in my next post :)
xoxo Meliissale

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