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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Top Aeropostale. Bottom H&M. Bag Tory Burch. Necklace Forever 21. ArmWear Kate Spade, J Crew. Glasses Sunglass Spot.

Its been a love-hate relationship for me with this weather in Florida. I love that I can wear cute summer clothes and feel the breeze, but I hate the after effect when im out too long and I'm sweating buckets because its over 100 degrees! I remember this top I picked up from Aero maybe a year ago and never had the cur rage to wear it. I remember when I first tried it on it made me look pregnant. But lately since I dropped 10 lbs & still trying to lose more I was feeling better about this shirt. Its wear how I changed the view of myself within a year. Honestly when I go shopping I will literally but 20 items and maybe wear like 5 out of them and the rest will be hanging in my closet till I try it on again later. I never try on clothes when I go shopping, I'm so bad at that. Sometimes when I first wear it at home, if I don't like it I'll wait time maybe next week. I know its so weird!


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